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Sustainable Impact Program

Serious taking action toward sustainability

Our programs for creating sustainable impact enable employees to suggest and execute sustainable improvement and projects within their respective fields.

The proposed sustainable project aims to impact one or more of the three sustainable goals.

Our framework is based on the 3 sustainable goals that allow us to measure and quantify the impact of each project. The 3 goals of sustainability can be summarised as follows.

  • Social Impact: Preserve social capital by promoting equality, cohesion, and reciprocity within communities and acknowledging the impact of actions on future generations. Example of impact metrics:

    • the number of jobs created or sustained by the project.

    • access to education, healthcare, and other social services.

    • income levels or poverty rates in the affected community.

    • community satisfaction, well-being, and perceived quality of life indicators.

  • Economic Impact: Maintain profitability and improve the standard of living while considering ecological and social factors. Example of impact metrics:

    • direct and indirect economic benefits generated, such as revenue, investments, or exports.

    • changes in local employment rates and business growth.

    • return on investment (ROI) or cost savings achieved.

  • Environmental Impact: It contributes to climate change mitigation, resource conservation, biodiversity conservation, and pollution prevention. Example of impact metrics:

    • resource consumption, such as energy and water usage: reductions and efficiencies achieved.

    • greenhouse gas emissions and set reduction targets.

    • waste generation and implement recycling and waste reduction programs.

    • changes in biodiversity and ecological indicators in project areas.

These 3 pillars— social, economic, and environmental—form the foundation of sustainable development, requiring a holistic approach to address sustainability challenges.

In line with those sustainable goals, the employees propose new project that can change the business model, the service, the distribution channels, processes or suppliers or the company, or can create an entire new business model.

Our sustainable impact program brings new innovation capabilities fully geared towards sustainability.

Employees are engaged in sustainable impact programs because they find purpose and meaning in making a positive impact on the environment or society.

They align their personal values with the organisation's sustainability goals and are intrinsically motivated to grow, learn, and contribute to the program.

Employees participating Feel empowered and take ownership of their work and Collaborate with colleagues and feel a sense of teamwork. At the end they value recognition and rewards for their contributions and impact.

Those make our programs highly successful for organisations.


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