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Innovation Bootcamp

Unlock the power of Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies with the Innovation Bootcamp by Forward Partners. Transform your approach to product development, customer engagement, and market strategy with our hands-on, experience-based learning program.

What We Offer

Learning Objectives & Benefits

Embrace the core benefits of Lean Startup and Design Thinking methodologies through our bootcamp. You will:

  • Rapidly Validate Ideas: Quickly test and validate product concepts to efficiently find market fit, minimizing waste and focusing on viable solutions.

  • Enhance Customer Understanding: Gain deep insights into customer needs and behaviors through effective interviewing techniques and direct customer feedback.

  • Foster Agility and Innovation: Adopt an agile mindset to pivot as needed, speeding up the innovation process and enhancing team flexibility in response to new learnings.

  • Build Collaborative Teams: Engage in strong teamwork, sharing experiences and creating a common language for innovation projects, promoting a collaborative and creative work environment.

  • Develop Practical Solutions: Apply Design Thinking to ideate, prototype, and test solutions, ensuring they meet customer needs and stand out in the marketplace.

Experiential Learning

Dive deep into the core of innovation with our 2-day intensive bootcamp, designed to equip you with the skills needed to directly engage with customers, understand their needs, and develop solutions that truly resonate. Our method: 20% theory, 80% practice, ensuring you learn by doing.

Real Projects, Real Customers

Work on actual projects from your company, engaging with real customers to gather valuable insights. This isn't just about theories; it's about applying what you learn immediately to your work, facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs and innovators.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Day 1: Exploring the Problem Space – Learn from customers, define your learning goals, and practice discovery interviews.

Day 2: Exploring the Solution Space – Craft and test your value proposition, engage with customers for feedback, and learn how to run prototype interviews.

Post-Bootcamp Support

Continue your journey even after the bootcamp ends with our follow-up coaching and team sessions. Participants will also receive an Innovation Bootcamp Playbook, detailing the tools and materials used, alongside an Innovation Bootcamp Training Certificate.

Who Should Attend

This bootcamp is ideal for teams of 3-15 members, especially those working on new products or offers. Whether you're aiming to fast-track product development or enhance customer-centric strategies, our bootcamp provides the knowledge, tools, and mindset needed to succeed.


"I thought I knew how to interview customers until I did the bootcamp."
"Super practical. This training is a game changer."
"The bootcamp transformed our approach to product development. It's not just a course; it's a paradigm shift." - Alexis R., Product Manager
"Seeing our team apply the learnings in real-time and witnessing the immediate impact on our project was incredible. Highly recommend!" - Jordan T., Innovation Director
"This bootcamp is a must for anyone serious about driving innovation in their organization. The hands-on experience and the insights gained are invaluable." - Simone L., CEO

Pricing & Registration

Invest in your team's growth with our transparent pricing model. The 2-day bootcamp, including pre- and post-bootcamp activities, is priced at €1,200 per participant (excluding VAT). Travel expenses not included.

Ready to transform your team into innovation champions? Contact us to learn more or register for our upcoming bootcamp.


Possible dates of the next training:

  • 14-15 May 2024

  • 17-18 September 2024

  • 3-4 December 2024



Day 1 - Exploring the Problem Space

  • Instruction, agenda and welcome

  • Why learn from customers

  • Exercise: Defining your learning goals

  • How to learn from customer (Discovery interview)

  • Action: Customer Interview Round 1

    • Interviewing customer

    • Extracting learning

    • Debrief and Decide

  • Interview technique Adjustment

  • Action: Customer Interview Round 2

  • Team Debriefing and sharing learnings

  • Meet the startup (optional)

Day 1 - Exploring the Problem Space

Day 2 - Exploring the Solution Space

Day 2 - Exploring the Solution Space

  • Introduction, welcome and reflection for past day

  • Defining a value proposition

  • How to test your value proposition (Solution Interview)

  • Action: Testing you value proposition Round 1

    • Engaging customer

    • Collecting proof of commitment

  • Making your value proposition tangible

  • Action: Testing your value proposition Round 2

    • Getting qualitative feedback

  • How to run prototype interviews

  • Exercise: What to test and how to test it

  • Team Reflection on the learning + wrap-up

Forward Partners - Because Innovation Starts From Within.


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