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Leading growth with Innovation

A team leading innovation, instead of supporting innovation make all the difference. Instead of supporting ideas and projects that flourish around the organisation, the team can decide to allocate budget and resources to explore more disruptive bets and truly transform the company. This means funding specific projects in selected strategic areas linked to the nation and organisation ambition. This means creating a lab like environment where ideas can emerge and get tested systematically. This means building an innovation capability beyond incremental improvements of the current operations. This means leading and investing on disruptive bets and proactively managing the portfolio instead of just tracking it.

Leading innovation and investing in new disruptive ideas leads to industry leadership and influence and long-term sustainability. How could your organisation be a groundbreaking innovation example? What type of projects? How is your organisation setting the example and shaping the future? What flagship projects?


  • Build on what you already have. A program adapted to your environment and culture.

  • Identify Disruptive Idea that are in with the goals, strategy and culture:

    • We provide your company with a leading strategy and ideation workshop to look for opportunities where disruptive innovation can bring significant value, using advanced ideation techniques such a CK.

  • Conduct idea exploration around desirability, feasibility and viability using fast prototyping and de-risking methods such as Assumption Mapping.

  • Execute with Speed and Scalability:

    • Develop a execution plan to bring your disruptive idea to market efficiently

    • Prioritise speed, adaptability, and scalability in your operations

    • Secure necessary resources, including funding, talent, and technology, to support your growth and expansion.

    • Continuously monitor market feedback and iterate your offerings based on customer insights to stay ahead of the competition.

    • Defining those projects could be done with systematic idea exploration and methods CK and other systematic ideation methodologies.


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