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Intrapreneurship Programs

Intrapreneurship program are known to help company on different levels:

  • Enhanced employee engagement: Empower employees to propose ideas, boosting motivation and ownership.

  • Innovation and creativity: Tap into the collective potential for new products and operational improvements.

  • Talent retention and attraction: Foster a culture of growth and attract top talent.

  • Operational efficiency and continuous improvement: Streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

  • Increased adaptability and agility: Respond quickly to market changes and stay relevant in a dynamic business environment.

Setting up and intrapreneurship program

To set up those programs we work with our client to:

  • Establish Program Objectives, Guidelines and Rules

  • Engage employees into the programme

  • Generate idea, teams and project

  • Provide support and capability on the project teams

  • Evaluate and select project based on their progress and opportunities potential

We have run many intrapreneurship programs, involving more than 100 participants per program.


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