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Design Thinking Training

Who is Design Thinking for

Design Thinking benefits employees from different departments, such as product development, marketing, sales, and customer service. It is particularly useful for those who are involved in launching new products, services, or businesses, and for those who want to enhance the customer experience. Design Thinking also help managers to cultivate a more collaborative and user-centered culture within their team or organization.

Why does Design Thinking matter

Born at Stanford in the early 90s and embraced by innovative companies such as Google or Apple, Design Thinking helps companies launch new user-centric products, businesses, and services.

It offers a framework for launching new products, businesses, and services that prioritize the user. It challenges traditional project management approaches and accelerates team learning, reducing risks associated with project launches.

Design Thinking also helps initiate change processes in organizations and launch innovative projects.

Corporations that adopt the Design Thinking methodology can work in a more collaborative manner and adopt a user-centered approach. This leads to more relevant and successful products and services.

What participants will learn during our Design Thinking Training

This training provides an opportunity to learn and experience the methodology with experts, using real cases. It is a hands-on training that allows you to practice the tools, approach, and mindset necessary for success.

Participants will learn:

  • How to solve business challenges using Design Thinking

  • How to learn from users and their needs

  • How to use empathy to explore opportunities and solutions

  • How to initiate ideation and brainstorming processes

  • How to produce fast and inexpensive prototypes, and how to test and validate hypotheses.

  • How to integrate Design Thinking into their organization's culture and processes to promote user-centered innovation and collaboration

During the training, participants will learn and practice various tools, including empathy maps, customer journey maps, persona creation, ideation techniques, prototyping, and user testing.

Design thinking training benefits employees in various departments, especially those involved in new product, service, or business launches and enhancing customer experience. It cultivates a collaborative, user-centered culture and provides a framework for prioritizing the user in launching new products, businesses, and services. Adopting Design Thinking methodology promotes corporate collaboration and user-centered approaches, resulting in more relevant and successful products and services.

Certification available.


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