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Hackathon powered by Ai

Join the Vanguard of Innovation

Take the leap and empower your organization with an AI-infused hackathon experience. Innovate, transform, and lead in your industry. Secure your spot at the forefront of the technology revolution.

Engaging employee to solve business challenges while learning Ai

The Hackathon powered by Ai brings teams together to solve complex problems using AI.

The Ai helps generates diverse ideas, creates prototypes, and gives a deeper understanding of customer needs. The results is a viable solution and hands-on experience with cutting-edge AI techniques that benefits both individuals and the company.


Get your team on board for an unforgettable AI-powered Hackathon.

👥 Team Work

✨ Boosted with Ai

🛠️ Learnings the tools

​Teams work together on solving problems or developing ideas related to the business.

With the help of AI, creativity and design capabilities soar, to create outstanding prototypes and generate a wealth of diverse ideas.

​Learn cutting-edge techniques for harnessing the power of AI with hands-on experience with different AI tools.


Find innovative solutions to your challenges with Artificial Intelligence! Imagine a tool that allows your company to boost innovation and collaboration with Artificial Intelligence. Discover the AI powered hackathon with our platform.

If you are Innovation, Marketing, Communication or HR Directors, you are at the heart of transformation!

Every day, you seek ways to evolve, improve, innovate, and transform your company. You have burning challenges that struggle to find both innovative solution and engagement.

So the question are :

  • How do you find solutions to your company issues?

  • How can you engage employee in the transformation effort?

  • Can Artificial Intelligence help you innovation and evolve?

  • Can you embrace thoses challenges in a short time period?


Discover our platform for Ai-powered Hackathon:


Imagine a platform where your employees can work as a team, whether in person or remotely, while being guided and supported by cutting-edge AI technologies. A platform where challenges turn into opportunities, and where vision becomes reality through practice.

Features of Ai-Kathon plateform

List of the steps and actions for the hackathon Integrated Ai tools with prompts to use External tools with short tutorials

The Ai help with:

  • Idea generation

  • Use case and persona definition

  • Concept refining & prototyping

  • Concept evaluation & feedback

  • Action plan

  • Preparing presentation

Stay at the forefront of innovation. Transform your challenges into opportunities.

With our platform Ai-Kathon, the future of your company is within reach!

The best way to understand all the potential of this platform for your company, is to test it!


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