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Ideation Workshop

To get a new descriptive, ideas, unheard of, you need to go beyond the classical brainstorming process. A set of new tools allows you to do so, and to truly explore a world of new possibilities. Structured in various workshops, knowledge management techniques and facilitation, those tools help team and organisation explore groundbreaking ideas and go further, then usual.

How we run Ideation Workshop

Getting and selecting idea is 2 step process:

  • Idea Generation: proposing ideas with no constraints whatsoever and aim to produce as many as possible

  • Idea Selection: among the different idea you have, define criterias that will guide you to select what you evaluate as the best idea given the knowledge you have to the context today

Diverge and converge for Ideation Workshops

Divergent and convergent thinking are different parts of the same process of finding ideas.

Diverge = Explore new possibilities. Idea Generation. Converge = Deciding what to pursue. Idea Selection.

The technique we use during the ideation workshop varies based on the context of the team and business need. Here are some examples.

Ideation Technique



Ideation alone

Engaging in individual brainstorming or idea generation sessions to explore creative concepts independently.

1-2 hours

Basic Brainstorming

A group activity where participants freely share ideas without criticism, encouraging a free flow of creativity and building upon each other's suggestions.

2 hours to ½ day

Innovation games

Interactive activities or exercises designed to stimulate creative thinking and generate innovative ideas within a group setting.

½ day to 1 day


A visual technique that involves creating a diagram to connect and organize ideas, allowing for the exploration of various associations and relationships.

2 hours - ½ day


A mnemonic technique that prompts participants to ask questions and explore different aspects of a concept, such as Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate, and Reverse.

1-2 hours

Bodystorming / Brainwriting

A technique that encourages physical movement and role-playing to generate ideas, or written idea generation where participants write down their thoughts before sharing them.

2 hours - ½ day

What if... / Worst Idea

Challenging assumptions and exploring unconventional or extreme ideas to push the boundaries of creativity and potentially uncover unexpected solutions.

2 hours

Six Thinking Hats

A method that assigns different perspectives or thinking styles (represented by colored hats) to participants, allowing them to explore ideas from various angles and avoid biases.

2 hours - ½ day

Design Fiction

Using storytelling and speculative design to imagine future scenarios and explore potential innovations, allowing for a deeper understanding of user needs and desires.

1 day

Art Thinking

Incorporating artistic and creative processes into problem-solving and idea generation, fostering imaginative and out-of-the-box thinking.

2 days

Ideation Camp

A structured workshop or retreat where participants engage in intensive ideation sessions and collaborative activities to generate innovative ideas and solutions.

2 days

Concept Knowledge

Leveraging existing knowledge and concepts to inspire new ideas and adapt them to different contexts or applications.

5-10 sessions

Design Sprint

A time-bound, intensive process that combines elements of ideation, prototyping, and user testing to rapidly develop and iterate on innovative solutions.

​5 days


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