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This certification is focused on strategic innovation, product innovation, process innovation, and the culture of innovation.

The Certified Innovation Management (CIM) is a course designed for those who want to excel in the complex field of innovation management. This program covers in details of management of innovation at different levels, enabling participants to effectively drive, maintain, and evaluate innovation in different organizations.

Who Should Attend
This certification is ideal for professionals who are involved in innovation management, including innovation managers, product managers, R&D professionals, and entrepreneurs. It is also beneficial for individuals who aspire to lead innovation initiatives within their organizations.

Learning Objectives
By completing the CIM certification, participants will:

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of different types of innovation and their strategic importance.
  2. Learn how to develop and implement effective innovation strategies.
  3. Acquire tools and techniques for managing the innovation process from idea generation to commercialization.
  4. Understand the role of leadership in fostering an innovative culture and managing innovation teams.
  5. Learn how to assess and measure the impact of innovation initiatives on organizational performance.

Why Attend the CIM Certification
Attending CIM certification offers benefits such as:

  • Enhancing knowledge and skills in innovation management.
  • Gaining recognition as a certified innovation professional.
  • Expanding professional network through interactions with experts and participants.
  • Accessing valuable resources and case studies to support innovation efforts.

The CIM certification program covers important topics related to innovation management. It provides a solid foundation in the field and includes the following key areas:

  • Introduction to Innovation Management: Fundamentals, significance, and evolution of innovation management.
  • Strategic Alignment: Formulating and aligning innovation strategies with overarching business goals.
  • Organizational Culture and Innovation: Techniques to foster a conducive environment for innovation and manage resistance to change.
  • Tools for Innovation Management: Dive deep into tools like Idea Management Systems, Open Innovation Platforms, and Portfolio Management.
  • Innovation Leadership: Leading cross-functional teams, managing stakeholders, and driving innovation initiatives.
  • Metrics and KPIs: Tools and methodologies to measure the ROI of innovation projects and initiatives.
  • Case Studies: Analysis of successful innovation management practices in leading global organizations.

The CIM certification program is conducted over 5 days, with 6-hour sessions each day, totalling 30 hours of immersive learning.

Certification Criteria
To earn the CIM certification, participants must:

  • Complete all required coursework and assignments.
  • Pass the final certification exam.

Certified Innovation Manager (CIM)

2 800,00 €Price
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