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Innovation Bootcamp

Why does this matter ?

Nowadays, many companies are focused on operating within their current business model and lack the appropriate tools to explore new business opportunities. When exploring these opportunities, they often apply their existing operating models, which frequently leads to failure.

This innovation bootcamp teaches product, marketing, and strategy teams how to reassess their processes for developing new products and offers.

How does our Innovation Bootcamp work ?

The Bootcamp is very hands-on program during which participants work in teams on the companies problems or products.

On the first day participants learn the power or the importance of iterations and the value of customer inputs.

On the second day, the participant learn how to integrate this feedback into their product and decision. They then propose an offer that resonate with customers and test it with real customers.

They learn:

  • How to unbundle the product idea

  • How to learn from customers with the different type of interview techniques

  • How to decide to either pivot, persevere or stop a project

  • How to defined value proposition

  • How to test with customers a valuable position

  • How to identify the riskiest assumptions behind a new initiative

The tools they use during this Bootcamp are:

  • Lean Innovation Canvas

  • Discovery Interview techniques

  • Value Proposition Template

  • Solution Interview techniques

  • Assumption Mapping

  • Experiment Design Template

Each activity throughout the bootcamp is supervised by a coach who guides and assists the team. The coach provides regular feedback to the team and helps participants improve their skills, for instance, in interviewing customers or prototyping a value proposition or MVP.

To make this Bootcamp, even more immersive, entrepreneurs are invited in the evening to share with participants the story of their journey. The participants relate the entrepreneur stories and to the activities that they are doing during the Bootcamp.


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