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Lean Startup is a methodology that helps entrepreneurs and innovators build a sustainable business. This certification provides a deep dive into the methodology, tools, and techniques of the Lean Startup approach.



The Lean Startup Certification program is a comprehensive exploration of the Lean Startup methodology, a modern approach that emphasizes building sustainable businesses by validating ideas quickly and efficiently. This program delves deep into the principles of build-measure-learn, ensuring participants grasp the nuances of launching startups or new products in a resource-effective manner.


Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders and corporate innovators wanting to introduce new products or services.
  • Product managers aiming to optimize product development processes.
  • Investors and business consultants looking to understand and guide startups effectively.
  • Any professional or enthusiast keen on understanding the dynamics of modern, agile business model validation.


Learning Objectives

  • Lean Startup Fundamentals: Understand the core principles, history, and significance of the Lean Startup methodology in today's entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Validating Business Ideas: Master techniques for testing business hypotheses quickly and efficiently.
  • Build-Measure-Learn Cycle: Delve deep into this iterative process to optimize product/market fit.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Grasp the concept and techniques to build MVPs for rapid market testing.
  • Pivoting and Iteration: Learn when to persevere with an idea and when to pivot, ensuring resource-effective decision-making.


Why Participants Should Attend
Obtain valuable and practical skills in the effective testing and validation of business ideas, which will enable you to minimize unnecessary resource wastage and maximize efficiency. By obtaining Lean Startup Certification, you will not only gain a competitive advantage over others but also have the opportunity to expand your professional network by connecting with like-minded professionals in the field.



  • Introduction to Lean Startup: Origins, principles, and the need for the Lean Startup approach.
  • Idea Validation: Techniques and tools for validating business ideas and hypotheses.
  • Build-Measure-Learn: Deep dive into each phase, understanding the iterative nature of this cycle.
  • MVP Development: Strategies for building effective MVPs for market testing with real-world examples.
  • Metrics and Analytics: Understand essential metrics to track and tools to analyze data effectively.
  • Pivoting Strategies: Identifying signs that suggest a need for a pivot and how to execute it effectively.
  • Scaling and Growth: Once validated, strategies to scale the business or product efficiently.


The Lean Startup Certification program runs for 5 days, with 7-hour sessions each day, amounting to a total of 35 hours of intensive training.

Certification Criteria

  • Complete attendance and active participation in all modules, discussions, and activities.
  • Successful execution of a mock startup project, applying the Lean Startup methodology from idea to MVP.
  • Passing a written test that evaluates the participant's understanding of the Lean Startup principles and techniques.
  • Constructive participation in feedback and reflection sessions with peers and trainers.

Lean Startup Certification

1 400,00 €Price
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