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Defining your MVP Strategy

In this talk, we'll discuss the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), one of the most crucial elements for successful innovative projects. Innovation is essential for society's evolution, whether it's big corporations, startups, or individual initiatives. However, too often, excellent ideas get lost in the complexity of development or encounter unforeseen obstacles, resulting in costly failures. The MVP is a version of your product or service containing essential features, designed to be quickly brought to market. Its primary goal is to learn from user feedback quickly and better adapt the product to their actual needs, while minimizing resources invested.

We'll cover the following topics:

  1. Understanding the Essence of MVP Strategy

  2. Steps to Define Your MVP

  3. Collecting and Analyzing User Feedback

  4. Lessons Learned from Successes and Failures

  5. Overcoming Challenges

people gathered in the hall to listen to a conference on Essence of MVP Strategy


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